Amazon Nature Aqua Soil 1.5L and 3L

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  • Volcanic fertile mineral rich, softening water quality reducing PH and GH value.
  • Amazon water grass is a raw material for natural soil, which is a bed material specially developed for natural aquarium landscaping. 
  • The natural color of Amazonian clay in the natural color can make the natural sense of the
  • waterscape better present. 
  • The raw material contains very rare black soil ingredients, which can effectively promote the flourishing growth of water and grass, except some special needs for water quality. 
  • In addition, almost all the water and grass can be well cultivated. In the Amazon mud, there are abundant organic ingredients and nitrogen elements, which can promote the growth of water and grass very well, and turn the water quality into the weak acidity suitable for the growth of water and grass and tropical fish.

Instructions for Usage:

  • Please do not wash the product before use. In general, the thickness of the suitable water grass mud in the tank is 5-8 cm on average.


  • This product may contain small stones or fragments of plants. Because they have no effect on water quality in raw materials of natural soils. 
  • For fish, there is no harm to the shrimp. The nature of the natural soil will make the water slightly acidic (pH and carbonate hardness will drop). 
  • Therefore, it is not suitable to feed freshwater fish or marine fish that are fond of
  • alkaline water. 
  • This product is not necessarily to be washed and can be used directly. Amazon water sludge products cannot be used together with the bottom filter. If the bottom filter is used, it may cause turbidity of the water to not become clean, nor do the filter outlet directly flush the grass. 
  • Please do not use this product beyond the cultivation and appreciation of water grass and fish. 
  • Please put this product in a place where children can't get it.


  • 3L and 1.5L

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1 x Yee Aqua Soil