About Us

About us

BKPET.shop is just a pet lover same as each one of you, during this recession and Covid-19 situation, we are sadly found out more and more pet lovers can’t bear high local retailed prices, that’s why we have integrated the best resources to make your pet to be happy again!

We are selling thru Amazon.ae since from the beginning. We are one of the best Pet Products seller in amazon.ae

Our Principles

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service; we believe the customer is always right and we want you to have the best online shopping experience possible.

We don’t agree with the outrageously expensive prices that supermarkets and other pet retailers offer so we will always offer the lowest prices possible.

We want to save you time buying pet food and supplies, that’s why our website is easy to use and we offer a fast, efficient service.

We put your pet first. As a team of pet owners, we understand the relationship that pet owners have with their beloved animals and we will only provide the best possible service to benefit your pet.