Long Yellow Bio Blocks Filter Media

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·         Material: Ceramic

·         Uses: Fresh water aquariums, sumps, aqua culture and ponds

·         Improves: Water Quality and Clarity

·         Wide Application: Upper Filter and Canister Filter

·         Size: 15.5 x 3.5cm

Porous Structure:

·         Thanks to its millions of tiny holes, these filter media block attracts fish food, debris and other particles and allows maximum water flow.

·         Fulfill both bio filtration and mechanical filtration at the same time to provide sparkling clear water for your aquarium

✅ Maintenance:

·         Replenish only ⅓ at one time

·         We recommend replace the partial media blocks every 3 months.

·         Rinse these ceramic blocks thoroughly before use. Please remember to rinse them in aquarium water not to tap water.

What You Get:

Long Square Yellow Bio Blocks