Aqua Amazonia Soil Crystal Clear - 1L/ 3L/ 9L

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·         Completely come from nature and specially processed by high temperature into natural granules.

·         Quickly create an ideal environment for plants and lower the hardness level of the water.

·         Endow with clarity to water, as the colloid particles of soil capture dirt floating in the water.

·         Down the PH level of the water to suit for most of the aquatic plants.

·         Ideal size and density granules could satisfy fast development of healthy plant root system.




·         Directly put in the tank, no need to wash.

·         Add slowly the water into the tank.

·         Remove the floating substance after adding water.

·         Put the aquatic life gradually after the filtering.

·         Please spread the soil according to the design of the tank.



·         Do not mix other grave sand when using.

·         Do not impact the soil by strong power of filter.

·         Suggests frequency of water change so as to extend the soften water life time of soil.

·         Do not commend to the aqua life which need high hardness water, such as marine fish.


Package Includes:

As Per the Selection

1 x Aqua Amazon Soil 1L

1 x Aqua Amazon Soil 3L

1 x Aqua Amazon Soil 9L



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