SOBO High Grade Stainless Steel Heater 100W/200W/300W/500W

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✅ Description:

1. This product is not suitable for seawater tanks and brine tanks

2. Purchase heating rod according to specifications and parameters to avoid improper power and water temperature failing to meet the requirements

3. The heating rod should be installed in the position where the water flow is urgent (both inlet and outlet positions can be used), and the fish tank without filter is not suitable for use

4. The temperature difference of the heating rod is plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of fish culture is suitable for 27-30 degrees Celsius, except for individual fish

5. The heating indicator lights only when the heating rod is heated

✅ Instructions for use:

1. Avoid directly lifting or placing in water during heating .The power supply shall be stopped for 5 min before removal

2. No matter heating or cooling, it is necessary to adopt a gradual and cyclic way to prevent the temperature from suddenly rising or dropping in a short period of time and causing discomfort to the fish

3. A spare should be prepared so that it can be replaced in time in case of damage

4. If the indicator light of thermometer closely, which may be a precursor to damage or imminent damage

5. If the heating rod is damaged, the power supply to the heating rod should be cut off to avoid the possibility of electric shock

✅ Suitable Tank Size:

200W: 60-80cm

500W: 120-150cm

300W: 90-120cm

100W: 40-50cm


✅ Suitable Water Capacity:

200W: 100-200L

500W: 350-500L

300W: 150-300L

100W: 20-40L


✅ Power Cord Length:

200W: 110cm

500W: 110cm

300W: 110cm

100W: 110cm

✅ Package Include:

As per the Selection

1 x SOBO Heating Stick 200W Steel

1 x SOBO Heating Stick 500W Steel

1 x SOBO Heating Stick 300W Steel

1 x SOBO Heating Stick 100W Steel