B&K Dried 10Pcs Almond Leaves Indian Catappa Ketapang Shrimp Betta Fish Aquarium Care

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Product Description:

  • Give a no-stress home to your betta --- When fish are given their native ambiance, they tend to grow stronger and heartier. By balancing the pH level, our leaves provide ideal water conditions. The Indian Almond leaves are considered to have beneficial properties and increase fish appetite making them happy.

  • Have a breeding pet? Add catappa --- The tropical fishes create bubble nests using a floating leaf or a plant to anchor their bubbles. So if your tank has any one of the breeding tropical fish like tetra, guppy, platies, molly, cichlids, just add these leaves and see them anchoring their eggs over IAL. That is a sight to behold. In ancient times, the Ketapang leaves were used in folk medicine for indigestion.

  • Benefits other fish and snails too --- The tea water has many advantages for fishes like tetra, discus, and goldfish. It is good for rasporas and many dwarf cichlids too. Apart from that, snail owners can benefit from the magical leaves. Giving your fish such an ambiance calms them down and aids in overall development. It helps in imparting color to them and makes their scales firmer.

  • Shrimps, fishes and snails love them --- Depending on your tank size and the pH level needed, drop a few leaves into your tank (If you want to be exact about the pH level, you can use a pH tester or a drop checker). Over the next few days, the leaves will slowly submerge to the bottom.

  • Adds beauty to nano tanks, small bowls and jars --- The Catappa leaves from SunGrow are unprocessed so you know what goes into your tank. They look pretty in a nano tank and add aesthetic beauty to your planted tank. You may even add these in individual betta jars or bowls.


  • A lot of Tannin for antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

  • Help to reduce the chance of bacterial infections and improve aquarium animals’ health.

  • Help to prevent parasites from coming.

  • Help to stimulate reproduction rate of aquarium animals.

What you get:

5 * Indian Almond Leaves

Quality Assurance:

  • 24/7 Phone call, email and WhatsApp Supports.


  • Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

  • Prevents fungus forming on the eggs of fish. Improving survival rate.

  • Help to accelerate the beautifully colored fish.

  • Help to adjust the PH of the water.

  • Conditions Betta's water for breeding and hardening of scales.

  • Help to prevent parasites from coming.

  • Help to stimulate reproduction rate of aquarium animals.

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