ReeFlowers Effective Conditioner

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ReeFlowers Effective Conditioner

ReeFlowers Effective Conditioner eliminates these toxic elements in water creating a safer environment for fish and aquatic animals. Toxic elements such as chlorine, chloramines, arsenic, cyanide, copper and other heavy metals may harm aquarium inhabitants.

This shrimp conditioners can be used for new water preparations, treating tap water, cleaning water after medical treatments and helping to reduce stress or acclimatise new fish.

It can be used in fresh water and salt water aquariums. Does not pose harm to fish, plants, reef organisms, useful bacteria colonies and useful microorganisms. It does not bring about a change in pH level. It’s not toxic. Does not require shut-off of mechanical, chemical or biological filters, such as protein skimmer, active carbon filters etc.



It is recommended that 2 ml is added for every 100 liters of water for an average loaded aquarium. This should be increased to 10 ml for every 100 liters of tap water for new water preparations. It is not recommended to use tap water for reef aquariums. 2 ml of solution is adequate for 100 liters of R/O or drinking water. The amount can be increased to 20 ml for every 100 liters in case of emergencies such as toxic contaminations or when medical treatments have been administered.


1 cap = 6 ml